beauty Qs – phobias & philias: Gemma Lister

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After training in fashion, Gemma decided that accessories were her real passion. While spending the last few years working for handbag designer Lulu Guinness, she also started to make her own Jewellery line. Working with a range of materials, Gemma Lister’s Jewellery takes the expected and turns it on it’s head….. pearls become gobstoppers, disco inspired beads, jewels and rhinestone encrusted collars. Her unique eye catching pieces evoke the past but are unmistakably modern.

Busy as she is – and she has her hands full with her jewellery line and her newborn baby! – she still finds the time to try other disciplines such as interior design in the heart of the Alps!

We catch up with Gemma to learn a bit more about her through her beauty phobias and philias. Here is what she told us.

1. First make-up product you ever used & age. My Sister was an Avon lady as her part-time job when she was a teenager, so I think I probably bought some lipsticks from her when I was about 12.

2. First beauty product you purchased & age. I started to use a number of Dermalogica skin care products when I was about 15. I still do, they are really good!

3. Product you love most. Used to be eye-liner when I was younger but now it’s lipsticks! I love them.

4. Product you hate with a passion. Fake tan, we just don’t see eye to eye!

5. Do you ever go to bed without taking your make-up off? Always!

6. Worst beauty crime you’ve ever committed is … Well, when I was younger my friend and I thought we were really cool and we got some fluorescent sun block that we painted on our faces in stripes to try and look cool on a skiing holiday! The only thing was we didn’t use any other sun tan cream underneath and we were left with really burnt faces with white stripes all over them. It was really bad and we definitely didn’t look cool after that.

7. The most you’ve ever spent on a product is … Well my Husband recently bought me a tub of Crème de la Mer, which is rather expensive! 150 for a small pot.

8. Tell us a beauty trick For an every day quick cover up I use a highlighter pen and then a dusting of powder foundation.

9. And a beauty secret? I swear by using a high quality face mask a couple of times a week to refresh the face.

10. What’s your take on make-up on the beach? After a couple of days of sea and sunshine you don’t need any! I love the holiday look, sun kissed and messy sea hair!

11. Permanent make-up, good idea or big no-no? Not for me.

12. Fake tan, friend or foe? Not my friend unfortunately, I have tried but to no avail, so I have settled for pale and interesting.

13. How many perfumes do you currently own and how many do you actually regularly use? I have two. However I don’t use either at the moment as I have a little Baby but I’m sure I will start to wear perfume again soon.

14. Less is more in make-up? I guess so.

15. Think of famous women, dead or alive, who is/was a true beauty? My ultimate favorite woman is Marilyn Monroe, I can look at photos of her forever! She was so beautiful. And my Mum who looks younger every day!


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