beauty Qs – phobias & philias: Layla Roberts

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Layla Roberts is a 38 year old Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Manager based in Sydney.

She left England, where she was born, and became an Australian citizen in the summer of 2008.

She loves to travel and meet new people and she started Concierge Connections because she believes people shouldn’t have to stay at expensive 5 star hotels or pay thousands of dollars to receive exceptional concierge service. Layla loves organising people’s holidays to Australia and she always knows the hottest tickets in town!

Layla gave us ten minutes of her time to discuss her beauty’s likes and dislikes.
1. First make-up product you ever used & age. Not sure to be honest, probably mascara when I was about 15 years old. 
2. First beauty product you purchased & when was it? Again, I can’t be sure but possibly some Oil of Ulay (as it used to be called back then) when I was 14.
3. Product you love most. Definitely moisturiser. It wakes me up in the morning & provides some sun protection.
4. Product you hate with a passion. Mascara – I wish I could use often, but I have sensitive itchy eyes and often rub them, it becomes a mess.
5. Do you ever go to bed without taking your make-up off? Of course, but not as much as when I was younger
6. Worst beauty crime you’ve ever committed Probably the above. Also, fluorescent eyeshadow, but it was for an 80’s party!
7. The most you’ve ever spent on a product is … Not that much….maybe about $100 if you include perfume, $30 if you do not.
8. Tell us a beauty trick I don’t think I know any!
9. And a beauty secret? Less is more.
10. What’s your take on make-up on the beach? It’s fine, especially if you are heading out after or you have to walk past your favourite pub to go from the beach to your place (like I do) so you think you may be tempted to pop in for one or two. Also, it depends if you are planning to swim though, I wouldn’t wear even the most waterproof of make up if I was.
11. Permanent make-up, good idea or big no-no? Great idea, if is subtle (eg – black eyelashes instead of mascara).
12. Fake tan, friend or foe? Hmmmmm….double edged sword. It is good in that I am very pale, burn easily and avoid sun-beds like the plague. However, even the best brands seem to appear streaky when I apply them. Also, I quite like the English Rose look!
13. How many perfumes do you currently own and how many do you actually regularly use? I have 4 at the moment. I use them all fairly regularly.
14. Less is more in make-up? I already said it, absolutely!
15. Think of famous women, dead or alive, who is/was a true beauty? Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet & Kate Middleton too.

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